Class Descriptions

Sagan-Rose-WEBDance is more than physical exercise. Dance is an extension of the educational process and dancers benefit greatly from dance training.  Dance offer both mental and physical challenges, crated and stimulates memory and retention, and provides discipline and camaraderie.  Our classes are structured with high expectations and standards appropriate with age.  Our goal is to provide classes with a high comfort level and a low anxiety level.

Age is not the only factor is determining where a dancer is placed.  Students may progress at their own rate. With the class structure we offer placement is based on experience and ability.  We continue to offer placement for dancers of all levels and abilities.  We also offer placement for special needs dancers.

New classes will be formed as needed.  There must be a minimum of eight students to complete a class.  Class schedules are subject to change with a two week notice.  Teachers are subject to change without notice.

Private classes are offered for groups of eight or more.  Call the studio at 859-268-3382 for more information and availability.  Private lessons for solo, duo, and trio are available.  Call for teacher availability and pricing.

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First Steps (2 yrs old)

Our programs are especially designed to provide children, between the ages of two and six years, with a strong foundation in dance and movement. These classes teach the young dancer the basic elements of movement, dance, and space. The dancers receive training in locomotion skills, musical rhythm, and basic elementary positions and steps of ballet and tap.

Tippy Toes, Tap & Tumble (3-4 yrs old)

Tumbling is added for upper body strength and flexibility. Integrated with these physical actions are intellectual concepts of body awareness, creative expression and basic body/health awareness.

Tippy Toes Tap & Jazz (4-6 yrs old)

Jazz is added to begin forming a dancer’s individual style and originality. Jazz teaches new technique consisting of unique moves, high energy movements, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.

Shoes required for these classes: pink ballet shoes and light tan tap shoes.

Rising Stars I (6-8yrs)

Rising Stars II (7-9yrs)

Both these programs are designed to continue to challenge our dancer, preparing them for more advanced techniques and routines. These classes have longer time allotted to include the additional instruction in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz for the students to continue to advance their dance educations.

Shoes required for these classes: pink ballet shoes and Lt Tan tap shoes


Shoes required for these classes: pink ballet shoes, Pointe shoes.

Ballet: Ballet is highly recommended and extremely beneficial by teaching pose, grace, rhythm, along with self-discipline and self-respect.  Ballet technique is an integral part in all other forms of dancing and should be a basic for all dancers.

Pointe:  which means “on the tips of the toes”, is a division of classical ballet techniques and is danced with specially reinforced shoes called pointe shoes. Pointe is only suggested for the serious student who is willing to devote time for daily practice.  It takes considerable strength in the feet, ankle, leg, knee, and abdomen.


As an art form, is the perfect blend of mind and body foundation built on a firm technical base.  Jazz dance is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. Jazz dancing is a form of dance that showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality by allowing the dancer to interpret and execute the movement in their own way.  Jazz is a blend of music, dance, and many cultural traditions.  Jazz dance has always been a reflection of the trends and is always changing and reinventing itself.  Students will study everything from classical jazz to Broadway theatrical to Hip-Hop.  Jazz is a great form of exercise and lots of fun.  A ballet class is also suggested to get the most from this class.  Shoes required: tan jazz shoes (pink ballet shoes for those eight years and younger.)


Tap dancing has been defined as a “dance of the sounds” set to the “rhythm of music”.  The art of tap, as we know it, was born in this country.  Tap dancing is a series of regulated and controlled movements of the body, usually to the accompaniment of music.  Some benefits to be gained improved coordination and rhythm.  Shoes required for these classes: tan tap shoes ( tan oxford tap shoes are preferred for the older student).

Hip Hop

Hip Hop extends from many of the elements found in jazz.  Hip hop is known for its improvisational style.  It includes lots of floor work, quick turns and leaps with intricate moves.  Appropriate music is always selected.   Shoes required for these classes: tan jazz boots and for younger dancer-ballet shoes.


Lyrical is a dance style that combines ballet, modern, jazz, and tap dance techniques.  The name lyrical comes from the work “lyrics” because dancers use the lyrics or music of a song to inspire their movements. The goal of a lyrical dancer is to use gestures, facial expression and controlled movements in order to execute their interpretation.   Lyrical is often done bare foot, with foot thongs or ballet shoes –check with instructor.