2017-2018 Competition

Want to enter the world of competition?  It is a dream come true for most serious dancers.  Competition offers the opportunity: to perform and shine, to learn from others while building a community of dancers, to grow with self-confidence and esteem.  Competition Team is a commitment of time, energy, and yes, a financial obligation.  It is a commitment of both dancer and parent.  It requires hard work.  All this said, it is an exciting, wonderful opportunity to dance!  We at Gotta Dance love competition, but still approach it within our philosophy of sharing and teaching our love of the dance in a creative, loving atmosphere.



The  Company



It will be an exciting year with additional workshops and events.

For more  information, please contact us at 859-268-3382.

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Your source of information  will be made available through emails and your

new FACEBOOK page…Gotta Dance-The Team.

We look forward to an exciting dance year!